The Miser and the Loaves of Bread

There once was a stingy merchant always looking for cheap things to eat and cheap clothes to wear. One day as he was walking in the market, he saw an old lady selling two cakes of bread. He bargained with her and managed to buy it cheap. Happy with himself for having struck a good bargain with the lady, he continued buying the cakes of bread daily for 25 days, until one day he found her missing in the market and began looking for her and indeed found her. When he insisted her to explain why she was not selling the bread any more, she told him she was nursing a man who had ulcer on the spine and doctors had advised her to kneed the flour in butter and place it on the ulcer (wound) of the man for the night, as he got relief from pain. And in the morning, she would bake the same dough into two cakes of bread. The merchant could not stop himself from vomiting after hearing the story. This is how the Allah punished a man for being a miser.

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