The Miller and his Wife

Once there was a miller with an ass to turn his mill. He loved his wicked wife, but she was keener on their neighbour who always tried to stay away from her.

One night, the miller dreamt of a man asking him to dig around the ass’ spot in the mill and he would find a hoard. He then informed his wife about the dream and asked her not to reveal it to anybody, but she told the neighbour to win his heart and he agreed to accompany her by night.

Together, they both dug the mill and found the treasure. They both decided to share it equally between each other and leave their spouses. When they married each other, they would accumulate the two halves.

The neighbour said she might leave him as well with the treasure, and so he should collect all the treasure and she should leave her husband and come back to the neighbour.

When she reciprocated, his greed over treasure made him kill her and threw her body into the empty hoard-hole and took the money. After sometime, the miller awoke and searched for his missing wife into the mill and found her body there.

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