The Melon and the Professor


Once, Wu-Kiao, a Chinese professor, sat in the shade of a tree in his garden. His eyes fell on a watermelon lying on the ground, covered with its green leaves. Then he saw the fig tree with many figs on it. He said to himself, ‘I think the big melon should grow on this big tree. This tree is so strong. It can easily bear the burden of large fruits like the watermelon.’

He, then, looked at the vine and said, “You are so thin and small. You should bear small fruit like the fig. I think mistakes are made in creation.” At that very moment, a fig dropped from the tree on his nose. He was a little hurt. He shook his head and said, “I was so wrong. If the fig tree bore a large fruit like the watermelon and if it dropped on my nose, I would have been killed. It can be dangerous for people.”

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