The Man who stole the Plate of Gold wherein the Dog ate

Once a poor man, badly indebted, abandoned his family and left for a faraway country. He arrived at a city full of buildings and started following a crowd and entered a rich man’s house.

He shyly sat in a corner. In a few minutes, he saw four dogs being brought by the rich man’s servants and were served rich food on a golden plate. One dog signalled him to eat the food and also take the golden plate, which he did.

No later in another city he sold the gold plate, bought several goods and returned to his town and flourished in trading business. When he amassed wealth, he wanted to repay the debt of the rich man whose dog had given him the gold plate.

He went to that palace and only found the ruins of the house. There was a man in poverty whom he asked about the rich man. It was the rich man himself and when he told him about the story of the dog and his reason to come back, he refused to accept any help and asked him to go home.

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