The Magic Pillow


Once, an old priest was tired after a long journey and stopped at a wayside inn to rest. At the same time, a young farm-labourer also arrived at the inn. He sat next to the priest and the two started laughing and talking. The young man looked at his dress and said with a sigh, “See, what a miserable wretch I am!” “You seem to be well fed and healthy, so why do you suddenly complain of being a miserable wretch,” replied the priest.

“I work hard every day. I want to be like a great general and win battles, or be a rich man, but I am a poor farm-labourer.” When he began to get sleepy, the priest took a pillow out of his bag and said to him, “Lay your head on this and all your wishes will come true.” The pillow was made of porcelain. It was in the shape of a tube; it opened at each end.

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