The Magic Cask


Once upon a time, a poor man dug up a big cask in his field. He took it home and asked his wife to clean it. But when she started brushing the inside of the cask, all of a sudden the cask began to fill itself with brushes. She kept taking out the brushes, but the others kept on taking their place. The man sold the brushes and lived comfortably. One day, by mistake, a coin fell into the cask. Suddenly, the brushes disappeared and the cask began to fill with money.

They became rich. Now, the man asked his grandfather to keep taking out the money from the cask. As the old man was weak, one day, he fell into the cask and died. Immediately, the money disappeared, and the cask was filled with dead grandfathers. The man had to take all of them out. All his money was spent in burying the dead grandfathers. Finally, the cask broke! Now he was as poor as before.

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