The Love Story of Boy and Girl at School

There were a boy and a slave-girl studying together in school. The boy became an ardent admirer of the girl. One day when the other boys were neglectful, he took her tablet and wrote his feelings in verses on it.

When she read those, she wept for his feelings for her, and below wrote her acknowledgment of love for him.

Suddenly, the teacher appeared and took the tablet and read everything written on it.

The boy was punished. The boy then wrote on the tablet beneath those couplets, that the girl should not worry about the consequences and that he did not fear the teacher for his purity of love for her. Incidentally, the girl’s owner entered the school then and read all those couplets exchanged between the boy and the girl.

Surprisingly, he wrote underneath the two should never be parted from each other by the grace of God. He then arranged for the Qazi to let them marry on the spot. Thereafter, they gave a wedding feast. The wedded boy and the girl lived together happily thereafter.

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