The Little Mermaid | Enchanted Fairy Tales

Millions of years ago, there was a beautiful kingdom of the Sea King. The King lived with his six
beautiful mermaid daughters. But the youngest, the Little Mermaid, was the prettiest of all.

The Little Mermaid was more adventurous than her sisters. She wished to explore the places above the
waters! She always dreamt about the bright blue sky above the sea. But, the King never let her go.

One day, her grandmother called her, “Today you have turned 18. And now, you can go to the world above. Just remember that the people above are different from us. They have legs instead of fishtails.”

That night, she went to the surface of the sea. The sight of the shining stars and the touch of the cool breeze took her breath away. “This is so awesome…better than my dreams!”

A large ship was anchored near by. The Little Mermaid saw many well-dressed men on the deck. They were celebrating the birthday of a young Prince.

After a while, the ship sailed on. But the Little Mermaid could not take her eyes off the Prince. All of a sudden, the waves rose. The strong wind rocked the ship and it sank.

The Little Mermaid saw the Prince shouting, “Help! Help!” She quickly rushed towards the Prince and brought him to the shore.

She looked at him and saw that he was very handsome. She fell in love with him. She had never seen anyone so handsome.

The Prince lay unconscious. So, the Little Mermaid decided to get help for him. When she came back to where the Prince was, she was surprised to see a beautiful Princess sitting beside the Prince.

She hid behind the rocks. The Prince opened his eyes and the Little Mermaid was relieved that the Prince would be saved now.

The Prince thought that the Princess had saved his life and thanked her. He knew nothing about the Little Mermaid and this broke her heart. She returned to her father’s palace.

But the Little Mermaid could not forget the Prince. She went to meet the sea witch. She wanted to be like a normal girl who could walk. The witch replied, “I will grant you your wish but you will not be able to speak.”

The Little Mermaid agreed. The witch gave her a magic potion to drink. She drank the potion and was transformed into a beautiful girl. But she had lost her voice.

The Little Mermaid made her way to the Prince’s castle. There was a big celebration going on. She finally saw the Prince. Standing along with him was the Princess. It was the celebration for the Prince’s wedding.

The Little Mermaid sighed, “Oh! If only I could talk. I could have told him who I was!” The Prince approached her and asked her who she was. The Little Mermaid could not say anything.

Soon, the marriage announcement was made. With tears rolling down her cheeks, the Little Mermaid dived into the water. She had become a mermaid again!

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