The Invisible King of the Jungle

Once upon a time, a honeybee lived in a jungle. Her name was Coco who was born with a special ability. Coco could roar like a lion. She discovered this ability while she was young. Coco would travel to the farthest reaches of the jungle where no one knew her. She always made a roaring sound behind the animals and quickly hid herself behind the bushes. Nobody could see her because of her small size and thought that it must be a lion.
Coco frequently used her tricks and made fun of the other animals. She said, “You can’t see me. I am the Lion, the King of the jungle. I am the strongest among you all. I can kill you with one swipe of my paw.” Finally, all the terrified animals accepted her as the King of the jungle.

From that day, Coco started living happily. She had all she wanted by using her roaring tricks. One day, a tortoise came from a circus and heard about the King of the jungle whom nobody had seen. Coco didn’t want to miss that opportunity to have fun with a new arrival. So, she prepared her usual tricks to frighten him.
Coco roared from behind the bushes. The tortoise turned around but found no one. “A ghost lion! Once I met a ghost lion who was actually a donkey,” he said and started laughing. All animals were shocked because it was the first time that anyone dared to treat the lion in such a way. They even advised him to stop but the tortoise kept laughing. The animals felt sorry for the tortoise. They thought that the lion would take no pity on him.
Coco could do nothing except roaring and threatening. The tortoise kept laughing. Then, after a few minutes, the animals noticed that the lion did nothing wrong with the tortoise and he didn’t even come out to kill him as he always said.

After some time, a squirrel joined the tortoise, making fun of the lion. Now, Coco tried to scare the little squirrel but it was useless. Gradually, the other animals also joined in. All the animals started laughing at the invisible Lion and said, “The lion that roars but doesn’t bite”, “the King with no subjects” or “the poor king who can’t do anything.” After hearing all those bad comments, Coco flew away. It thus ended Coco’s golden days of happiness. From that day, she never tried to frighten. Nor, she tried to roar again in her life.

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