The Illiterate Who Set up for a Schoolmaster

Once there was a man doing menial jobs in a mosque and had never been to school. One day he wished to run a school for children. He started wearing big turbans, bought some papers and writing tablets and posed like a learned man. People passing by thought him to be a master and started sending their children to the so-called school.

One day a lady came to him with anxiety holding a letter. She wanted to know the contents as her husband was far away. This man not knowing what to say saw the letter with perplexity.

Seeing his face the lady thought there was a bad news about her husband’s death, which he acknowledged. Later when her neighbour read her the same letter and told her that her husband was coming in ten days’ time and had sent a quilt and an extinguisher.

She was annoyed with the fake master and went to ask him about his behaviour. The man told her that when he saw the extinguisher wrapped in a quilt he thought her husband was dead. She, not finding him deceitful, pardoned him.

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