The Greek King and Physician Douban

The-Greek-King-and Physician Douban

In Zouman, there was a leper king who was desperate for he could not be cured. One day a physician met him and assured to cure him completely without any medication.

The king promised him riches if he did so.

The physician brought the next day, a polo club with concealed medicine in the handle and a ball and asked the king to play polo.

He advised the king to play it really hard so that the medicine in the handle might be penetrated into the body. He assured complete cure the next day. Rightly so, the next day the king found himself completely cured.

The king showered so much wealth on the physician that the wicked grand wazir grew jealous. He tried to poison the ears of the king against the physician but the king refused to listen to the wazir and narrated a story of a wazir, telling Sindbad not to listen to everything a mother-in-law says and how the life of the prince was saved from death.

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