The Greedy Brother


The younger brother took that piece of gold and went down out of the forest. With that money, he bought a small piece of land. And there, he reared cows, and a few hens. He was well-to-do now. One day, his elder brother came to meet him, “Where did you find this wealth, this land?” And the younger brother told him everything. The elder one then, took his basket and knife and set off up through the forest.

He also reached that same mountain and sat upon a rock and waited. After some time, he felt a rush of air and heard the beating of wings. And, as he gazed towards the setting sun, a bird appeared from its bright rays and landed next to him. “Why do you sit here all alone?” asked the bird. The elder brother said, “I am poor. I have nothing.” “Climb onto my back,” said the great bird, “I will take you to the Island of the Sun.”

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