The Foolish Weaver

A weaver in a certain village worked very hard but could not make enough to live comfortably. Once he was invited to a wedding in the neighbourhood where he saw many people of high class wearing good attires, and thought of changing his profession so that he might earn well.

Just then he saw one of the mountebanks performing the feat of climbing on the top of the wall, falling to the ground only to get up without any injury. The weaver thought, “This could be a good feat to perform to attract people in the wedding”. So he jumped from atop the wall but fell down and broke his neck. He lost his life.

The wife of the man relating to the weaver’s story then told her husband that one must do jobs only after thoroughly understanding them. The husband argued it was not always that wise men do not make mistakes and fools are always wrong.

Also, he had seen snake charmers being killed by snakes. The husband indulged in an illegal activity against his wife’s advice and lost his life like the sparrow in the tale of the Spar-row and the Peacock.

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