The Foolish Fisherman

A fisherman used to make a good living out of his daily business. One day, he saw a huge fish which he thought would give him a relief from his daily job for a long period if caught. So, he decided to go along with the fish in the waters to catch him. He plunged into the river and started moving along with the current of the water. He caught hold of that big fish and did not let it go. It took him far away from the shores and he did not realize that he had traveled a great distance with the fish. Soon he was drawn into a whirlpool. After trying very hard to get away from the whirlpool, he began to shout for help.

The keepers of the water heard him and told him, “It is already very late to rescue you. You should have gotten away from the whirlpool much in time.” He told them that his greed towards catching the big fish got him into this situation. Within a few seconds, he was sucked into the water and bade for a watery grave.

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