The Flea and the Mouse

There was a flea that lived in a merchant’s house. One night he ate the merchant’s blood by biting him and escaped from his house from the fear of getting killed, to a mouse’s dwelling.

The flea pleaded the mouse to allow him to stay with him and that he would repay his debt one day. The mouse assured the flea that she would bestow best of affection on the flea and in return asked for the friendship of the flea.

Their friendship grew and the flea had his fill of merchant’s blood daily and rested in mouse’s hole. One day, the mouse saw dinars being heaped into the merchant’s house and asked the flea to steal them.

 The flea feared that he would get caught too, if he stole dinars, just like the sparrow that gets caught because of the weight of the grain he stole. But helped by the flea in biting the merchant, the mouse took the entire dinar.

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