The First Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

Once there lived a poor porter in Baghdad named Hindbad who came across a lovely mansion and envied its master. Sindbad offered him wine and food to eat and enquired him for his envy. Sindbad then continued to narrate his story of voyages to everyone present in the room.

First Voyage:

 had inherited wealth that I spent thriftlessly, only to bethink how I could properly manage my wealth. I joined some merchant traders at Basrah on a ship to reach out to different countries. We halted on a small island for rest. Suddenly, the whole island shook when we realized that it was not an island but the back of a sleeping whale.

In the melee, I was left behind. After swimming, I got drifted to an island. After a few days, the same ship which had left me arrived; the Captain and others were so happy to see me alive. I got back to my house with the King’s presents and merchandise for the family. Thereafter, I traded successfully.

Sindbad paused and gave 1,000 sequins to Hindbad, asking him to come again for the story of the second voyage. Next day Hindbad came well dressed, the Sindbad continued thus.

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