The Donkey’s Tantrums


Mulla Nasruddin was so fed up with his donkey’s tantrums that he brought him to sell at the town bazaar. The donkey, however, would not cooperate, and bit every single person who tried to inspect it. A nearby seller said, “Do you really expect to sell a donkey that behaves like that?” “No,” Mulla replied, “Not really. I just brought him here, so other people would experience what I have to put up with every day!” Saying this, he returned home with the donkey. The next morning, a neighbour asked Mulla, “Can I borrow your donkey?” “But I’ve already lent it to someone else,” Mulla lied. Just then, a loud “Hee-haw” came from Mulla’s yard. The neighbour exclaimed, “I just heard the donkey make a noise from your yard!” Mulla quickly retorted, “Do you mean to tell me that you’re going to take the word of a donkey over mine?” The neighbour became very angry with Mulla and left.

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