The Donkey of Guizhou


In ancient times, there were no donkeys in Guizhou. One day, a local man brought a donkey and set it loose at the foot of the mountain. A tiger saw this strange animal with long legs, large ears, black hair and big eyes. He thought it must be a divine animal. So, the tiger hid between the bushes and occasionally peeped at the donkey. After a few days, the tiger decided to have a close look at the interloper. But suddenly, the donkey brayed and the tiger ran away as fast as he could.

After a while, he watched the donkey carefully and observed that though it had a huge body it had no special ability. The tiger gradually became used to its braying and was no longer so afraid. One day, he walked in front of the donkey. The donkey was too enraged that he kicked the tiger. The gleeful tiger pounced upon the donkey with a loud roar and ate it up.

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