The Debauchee and a 3-year old Child

A dissolute man, when heard of a beautiful woman in his neighbouring country, set out with a present and a note for her. He expressed his desire to meet her when she was alone. The woman consented and welcomed her to her abode with honour and entertained him with meat and drinks. There, the man realized about her 3-year old son whom she had left in the room while she cooked rice. Later, when the man asked her to join him on bed, she resented informing him that her son was watching them. The man assured her, that her son was too little to understand anything. But the woman resented him and said, “You are mistaken because as soon as she was done with rice, her son cried out loudly to feed him with rice.” The man got furious and said it was indeed a curse child. The child heard him and shouted at him, “Look at you, shamelessly travelling from one city to another in search of adultery.” The man was baffled at such rebuke from a little child and left their house immediately. He returned to his country and lived a regretful life until he died. 

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