The Crows and the Hawk

In a certain desert, there was a beautiful oasis full of water, trees and fruits. All the birds sang the praise of the Allah, the Creator. Among all birds, there was a group of crows who particularly led a happy life. They had chosen a wise crow as their king and all were happy with him. One day, the king crow died due to old age. There was chaos in the community of crows and nothing was going right. So, they all got together and decided that they should choose among them a worthy crow as the king. As they could not find a worthy candidate, they decided that they would all fly high and whoever flew the highest would be the king. Ultimately, they found that the hawk was flying the highest and so he was made King. The hawk was cruel and cunning. One by one, he would take the crow and eat the eyes and brain, and threw the body away. Slowly the other crows realized that it was the hawk that was killing their brethren. They all decided to fly far away and save themselves which they did.

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