The Crow and the Serpent

A crow and his wife made a comfortable nest on the branch of a tree. They planned to hatch a young crow in the nest built by them. As they approached the nest, they were frightened to see a snake crawl the tree that stayed there during all summer. The crow was deprived of a nest during the entire season and they prayed to the Allah that they be given the nest at least in the next summer season. As the season approached, when they were planning to rest in the nest, the snake came again for the nest. Just then an eagle caught the snake and threw it down the tree. The snake was wounded and fell off the tree, and soon became the food of the ants. The crows thanked the Allah profusely, for giving them their nest back and for giving birth to young ones. The Wazir narrated to the King, “Just like the Allah helped the crows, He has helped the King as well to get his son.” The second Wazir also extolled the blessings of the Allah and made the King realize that he has been very kind to him.

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