The Confusion in the Marketplace


Mulla Nasruddin ran out of a guest-house to save himself from the guards. But his donkey was nowhere to be seen. Actually in complete darkness, Mulla had tied his donkey to a pole where a big drum was hanging. When the donkey heard Mulla’s cries, he ran at a great speed, dragging the pole and the drum along. When the drum struck a large stone, there was a loud noise and the donkey was terribly scared. So, he ran into the marketplace where a caravan of fifty camels was walking. The camels ran here and there, breaking all the Chinese crockery that they were carrying. There was fear and confusion as everyone ran around in the marketplace. Somehow Mulla found his donkey and led him to a graveyard saying, “Look at the havoc you’ve caused in the marketplace. It has caused damage and loss to many poor people.” Then, they slept in the graveyard while the confusion continued in the marketplace.

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