The Bar­mecide’s dealing with Mansur

Haroon Al-Rashid once sent his slave Salih to Mansur to collect a thousand thousand dirhams which he owed, failing which Mansur was to be beheaded. Salih did as he was ordered and accosted Mansur.

Mansur initially lamented that all his assets will not fetch more than a hundred thousand dirhams. First Mansur went to his house to bid farewell to his family and then went to Yahya’s house.

Yahya collected five thousand dirhams from his treasurer and from his son Al-Fazl, a thousand thousand dirhams. Al-Fazl’s son Jaafar also gave a thousand thousand dirhams. Mansur thus collected from the kinsmen of Barmecides, a great sum of money. Yahya also gave a jewel worth two hundred thousand dinars. Salih took all the money, the jewels and went along with Mansur to Al-Rashid.

On the way, Salih heard Mansur speak ill of the Barmecides, who had saved his life by giving so much money. But when he told this to Al-Rashid, he pardoned Mansur saying that such thoughts must have come not out of heard since he was sick in mind and full of anxiety.

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