Teeth are the hard, bony structures that are fixed in deep sockets in the jawbone. These sockets are attached to the jawbone with the help of strong periodontal fibres and cementum.

A human being possesses two sets of teeth during the entire lifetime, the temporary set and the permanent set. An infant has 20 temporary teeth or milk teeth which are replaced by permanent teeth eventually as the child grows. An adult has 32 permanent teeth. A tooth possesses a crown, a neck and a root. A tooth is made up of a very hard white material called the enamel which encloses a softer layer, dentine. There is a pulp cavity in the centre of each tooth.

There are four types of teeth according to their shape and function.

Types of teethShapesFunctions
A. Incisor (8)Chisel-shaped with sharp flat endsCutting and chopping food
B. Canine (4)Pointed sharp teethTearing flesh
C. Premolar (8)Big-sized, flat and ridge-toppedCrushing and grinding food
D. Molar (12)Toughest teeth, ridge-toppedGrinding food

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