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Snowball Learns About Cleanliness | Kids Board Moral Stories | Storis for Kids

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Sawan presents a unique kid’s moral board story – Snowball Learns About Cleanliness. Mitten and Snowfall were two little kittens. Mitten was so clean, while Snowfall used to litter here and there. Once Snowball ate a banana and threw the leftover in the house. Seeing these, Mitten yelled at her to throw them in the dustbin, but Snowball won’t listen. So Mitten decided to teach her a lesson. What would she do to teach a good lesson to Snowball? Stop guessing and order a copy now and find out by reading with your children.

Join Snowball, an adorable character, on a fun and educational journey in “Snowball Learns About Cleanliness” from Sawan Book Brand. Follow Snowball as he discovers the importance of cleanliness and hygiene through engaging in adventures and relatable situations. With colourful illustrations and a captivating storyline, this kids’ board book encourages children to develop good habits and care for themselves and their surroundings. Through Snowball’s experiences, young readers will learn valuable lessons about personal hygiene, tidiness, and the benefits of keeping things clean. “Snowball Learns About Cleanliness” is an entertaining and educational read promoting healthy habits and a clean and organized environment.






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