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Buttercups Saves Smurf | Kids Board Moral Stories | Stories for Kids


Sawan presents an interesting moral storyboard book for children – Buttercups Saves Smurf. Buttercup, the pony. Dopey, the horse. Rover, the dog, Biscuit the fox, and Smurf, the rabbit, are friends who go to a picnic by the lake. When Smurf falls into the lake, Buttercup shows real courage to save him. A lovely story with vibrant illustrations teaches the moral about courage to 4-5-year-olds. This is a must-have story for every child in his growing phase and has just started school.

Embark on a heroic adventure with “Buttercups Saves Smurf” from Sawan Book Brand. This thrilling kids’ board story follows the brave and resourceful Buttercups as she comes to the rescue of her Smurf friends. With vibrant illustrations and a captivating narrative, this book teaches valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and the power of determination. Join Buttercups on her mission to save the day and inspire young readers with the importance of courage and helping others in times of need. “Buttercups Saves Smurf” is a treasured addition to any child’s library, offering an exciting reading experience that sparks imagination and teaches important moral values.



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