Common name : Spinach, Winter spinach

Scientific name : Spinaciaoleracea

Family : Chenopodiaceae

Native land : Asia, especially Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Spinach is an annual plant, long cultivated for the sake of its succulent leaves. It is an easy-to-grow, nutritious, cool-season crop. The leaves are somewhat triangular and may be flat or puckered. The edible leaves are arranged in a rosette, from which a seedstalk emerges. However, it is recommended to plant spinach early because it’s quick to turn bitter and go to seed (bolt) as the weather warms and days lengthen. Spinach is shallow-rooted and requires consistent moisture to prevent bolting. It has high content of iron and vitamins A and C. Spinach is served as a green salad and as a cooked vegetable.

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