Shishupal Insults Lord Krishna

Shishupal opposed the worship of Lord Krishna as the best participant in the Rajasuya Yajna. He used disgraceful words for Him, suggesting that either Bhishma Pitamaha or Guru Dronacharya should be the candidates for worship. But these two elderly participants had already supported Lord Krishna’s candidature. The fight over the choice of the rightful candidate for worship was not coming to an end as Shishupal and his supporters were dead against the worship of Lord Krishna. The Pandavas were furious at Shishupal’s behaviour and threatened him to stop fighting. But Lord Krishna stopped them and said, “Shishupal is My cousin, the son of my father’s sister, Satyavathi. I would have killed him but his mother had requested Me to pardon him. I won’t say or do anything untill he has used at least one hundred disgraceful terms for me. Now I warn him to come to the right path.” But this did not stop Shishupal from insulting Lord Krishna.

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