Satyabhama Gives Krishna away

Satyabhama commanded servants to bring out the large scales used to weigh grains and groceries. She also sent the treasurer to bring out all her jewels and gold to the garden of the palace. Then, gently leading Krishna, she went to the weighing scales. All the ministers stared at the scales. Krishna was quiet all the time. Soon, Lord Krishna’s other queens too hurried to the garden. Satyabhama gave away Krishna as alms (Daan) to Narada. The other wives of Krishna were shocked at this, but being ever dutiful, they did not speak out in front of everyone. Narada then gave her the option of taking back Krishna by presenting him with an equivalent weight of riches. Amidst loud sighs of relief, Satyabhama agreed to it. She placed Krishna on one plate of the scales and started piling up the gold and gemstones on the other plate.

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