Rishyasringa was the pure and learned son of Vibhandaka who had an ashrama in a forest. Once there was a famine in the kingdom of Anga near by. King Romapada was advised to bring Rishyasringa to the city. His purity would cause rains to come to the area where he lived. The king sent beautiful girls to lure Rishyasringa to the city. The learned Rishyasringa came and, as was predicted, rain poured over the land. The King was so happy that he gave his daughter Shanta in marriage to Rishyasringa. When he learnt that Vibhandaka was coming, looking for his son to the city, he welcomed him with gifts of cattle and wealth and servants. Vibhandaka saw his son and his son’s beautiful wife. His anger vanished and he blessed the couple, asking Rishyasringa to return to the forest after a son was born and he had completed the King’s task.

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