Respect Everyone


One day, Chinese philosopher Confucius took his carriage and went out on a journey to give publicity to his theories. He saw a child in the middle of the road and asked the driver to immediately stop. Confucius said to the child, “Would you please give way to my carriage?” The child pointed to the road, and said, “Can’t you see a castle there?” Confucius looked in the direction and saw a small mud castle.

The child further said, “Carriages move around castles. Castles never give way to the traffic.” Confucius admired the child and said, “You are so young and even then you know so much.” The child raised his head and said, “I heard fish can swim as soon as they are born. Age doesn’t make a difference.” Hearing this, Confucius said, “Oh, youngsters today are really remarkable.” Confucius asked the carriage driver to bypass the child’s castle. It means that even a child should be regarded with respect.

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