Radha is Cursed

As they grew up, Lord Krishna and Radha became very close friends. However, once, Radha grew jealous that Lord Krishna talked to a gopi named Sridhama. Lord Krishna was sitting with His friend Sridhama when Radha rushed towards them. Seeing her anger, Sridhama exclaimed, “Radha, don’t insult my Lord or I will curse you.” Hearing this, Radha grew angrier and heatedly said, “I curse you, Sridhama. You shall be born in a poor family in your next life and face many hardships.” Angered beyond reason, Sridhama said, “Radha, I curse you to one hundred years of separation from my Lord.” Hearing this, Radha trembled and started crying. Even as Lord Krishna consoled Radha, His heart grew heavy with grief at her suffering. Also, He knew that both the curses would come true and He felt deep pain for both Radha and Sridhama whom He loved dearly.

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