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In today’s world, Public Relations is a promising career with great prospects. Public Relations means to construct a bridge between the organisation and it’s customers. Any company can establish itself by its good image and effective public relations. Public Relations is in existence from a long time but from the last two decades, Public Relation (P.R.) is recognised as a separate profession. Now many companies and industrial institutes are establishing its direct relation with different mediums.
For broadcasting the achievement of works done by the government Chief Ministers, Prime Minister and different government departments,the government has established Public Relations department at state and central level. Officers appointed in these departments maintain good relations with the press, media, electronic media and other public relation mediums. This department plays an important role in providing desired information to the general public by organising press conferences from time to time, press announcements, etc.
In today’s competitive era, popularity and faith have become major factors for success. It has increased importance of PR ship. Currently the situation is whether it is a corporate house of government department hospital, social welfare organization, tourist and travel agency or a product promotion agency and even schools, colleges, cultural organisations for every programme organised public relation department is formed separately to look after each and every aspect and charge is being given to an important person.

The responsibility of a successful P.R.O. is not only to broadcast the ethics of any specific organization but should be to remain extra alert regarding view of the people about the organisation or Institute. Also, he has to be careful about the expectations of general public. Public Relation works as an important medium for any company or institution’s chief, which makes them clearly understood that whether the objectives, rules, and goals which are set to achieve its target, are working correctly in the same direction or not? Just like advertisement agencies, now agencies are also working for public relations. If these agencies do public relations work for any company, they charge a fixed amount from them.
Public Relation department work is also to organise company’s or organization’s different programmes and seminars etc. Many a times on these occasions companies launch their new products and services in front of general public. Therefore, Public Relation department is an important department for any company or institute. Under public relations Public Relation Officer works for having company’s co-ordination with the associate parties. To complete the projects within a fixed time, schedule to prepare press notification, to prepare reports, video, CD, to prepare accounts of company’s achievements are also part of the public relation department. It is necessary for a capable and successful public relation officer to have a good behaviour, should be eloquent and capable as they are always in contact with the journalists, managers, officers and other important people. Therefore, he should have all these qualities so that he can have a balanced behaviour with all. Public Relations also take various programmes to its destination. From Exhibition to Journalists meet, it is the duty of the P.R. department to look after that. People working in public relation departments can be called as press officer, information officer, publicity officer, publication and communica-tion executives.
Public Relation Officers who are more capable in conversation and are know different languages are comparatively more successful. This is not all, in simple words they should have the capability of expressing their views and should have access to information. Number of various times when they have to work under pressure in that case it is important that they should maintain the balance.
Young men-women who are looking for possibilities of a career in this field should be a graduate with good marks. Today many universities are offering courses in Public Relations and Advertising and Journalism and Diploma and Degree in Public Relations.
Most of the courses are of 1 year duration. The institutes even offer courses by correspondence. Career in Public Relations is moving in such a direction where doors of progress will open up automatically.
Major Training Institutes

  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (U.P.)
  • Anna Malai University, Journalism Training Department, Annamalai Nagar -608002
  • Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan- Kolkata, Madras
  • Centre for Image Management Studies, B-33, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – Ph:26286743
  • Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) 300009, Ph: 26440341-43
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Jawahar Lal Nehru University Campus, Aruna Asif Ali Marg, New Delhi-110067
  • Indian Institute of Journalism, B-3/51, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058, Ph:2554454, 2554497, 25520402
  • Indian Institute of Public Relations, B-9, Shivalik, New Delhi -17, Ph: 6218549, Fax: 26218538
  • Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM), Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi
  • Makhan Lal Chaturvedi, National Journalism University, E-8/76, Area Colony, Bhopal – 460216 (M.P.)
  • Sofia College, B.K. Somani Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • Saint Xavier College of Communications, Mumbai
  • YMCA Institute of Media Studies, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi
  • YWCA, Jai Singh Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi
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