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There are many fields for young girls where they can establish a golden future. Designing is one such field where young girls can touch heights of their career. Young girls are crazy about this field because of the fame, attraction and wealth involved in it. One can see the craze of designing everywhere, whether it is interior of any house or building, its glory and importance is everlasting.
When we talk about designing, many fields are included where infinite possibilities of a career is hidden. Some of the important fields among them are:- Industrial designing, furniture designing, textile designing, video and film designing, interior designing, fashion designing, product designing, etc.
Almost everyday in one way or the other we use the word “design”. Whenever we look at a beautiful house or furniture, it comes automatically that “Wow,! design is too good”. The word design looks very ordinary while listening but it has a broad meaning. Designing means to provide a definite form and shape to any specific product, which not only looks attractive but proves to be of best quality and matches with the expectations, desires and needs of the consumers. Process of designing grows with the manufacturing of aeroplanes, and cars and construction of houses, factories, buildings, etc. T.V., fridge, washing machine etc. displayed on big showrooms attracts us like anything. But have you ever thought that how these products have to pass through various processes of production before been launched in the market? The most important part of this process is the designing of product. Process of designing itself is completed in different steps. The first step is discussion and settlement along with what and how the product will meet its demands. Also,the expectations of customer and practical choice of products is also its part. After this designing of the product takes place. While designing taste and life style of the customer is a big consideration. In the next step, “Prototype” of the product is being made, so that after testing changes can be made in them.”. After passing the product through all these processes, it is launched in the market for general public.
As there are great differences and varieties in different products there shadow can be seen on concerned products. In the era of computer, there is a revolution in the field of designing. In other words, with the help of computer, new options, imaginations and achievements are available in the field of designing. Designing, which is done with the help of computer, and which is known as Computer Aided Designing (CAD) is offered as a training course today. Such software are available in the market, which can be loaded in computer and the work of excellent designing can be done on the computer screen. With development of this science, hand designing on papers has become outdated.
There are great possibilities of a career in the field of designing. Young girls with artistic interests can do a lot in this field. Designing as a career not only has small steps but it also has a high class ladder, which helps laborious youngsters to touch the sky of their dreams. There are great prospects for engineering graduates Industrial Groups and Companies, where machines are used on a large scale are also centres of industrial designing. In these places, engineers with specialisation in mechanical, electrical, production, and electronic branch are working.

Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Mumbai offers a post graduation course in Industrial Designing and is a very important and renowned course. To get admission in this course one has to clear and Entrance Exam. This exam is known by the name of Common Entrance Exam for Design (C.E.E.D.) Candidates who are graduate in engineering, architecture, applied arts and who are diploma holders from National Institute of Design (N.I.D.) Ahemadabad are eligible for this exam, which is organised at All India level. National Institute of Design is a renowned institute in this area, and offers many courses related to designing. Graduate course are also been offered in this institute in areas like exhibition designing, industrial designing, communication designing, textile designing, apparel designing, etc., for which applications are invited in the month of November. Candidates are selected on the basis of written exam, group discussion and interview. During the selection process candidates are tested on aspects related to general knowledge, analytical ability, imagination power, creativity and their passion regarding designing.
Trained young men and women can get jobs in medium or small scale industrial units. Capable people in Communication designing can be selected by advertisement agencies, news papers, magazines, electronic media and communication groups, whereas people who are diploma holders in Textile and Apparel designing can be appointed by cloth companies, readymade garment companies, export houses or fashion institutes.
Those young men-women who are interested in discovering something new in elementary form, for them commercial designing is a good field. It includes training in commercial art and fashion designing. There is a great demand of commercial artists in the world of advertisement. With the use of photoshop and coreldraw software packages, commercial artists can make their art popular through computers.
A new science has been recently discovered in designing which is known as “digital designing”. Since most of the activities are being done through computers, therefore, digital designing is considered to be a very safe future. Many of the computer training institutes are offer courses in Digital designing. There is a great demand of compact disc and capable digital designers by production companies, music companies and audio, video studios.
Major Training Institutes

  • Interior Designing Centre, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and International Polytechnic (New Delhi)
  • International Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Designing, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (Branches: New Delhi, Kolkata, Gandhi Nagar, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai)
  • Nirmla Niketan, Mumbai
  • South Delhi Polytechnic, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
  • Sofia College, Mumbai
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