Poor Mulla


One day, Mulla Nasruddin lost his bag and declared in the town square, “My bag is lost! If you all don’t find it, you’ll find out what happened the last time my bag got lost!” The villagers frantically began searching for the bag. Minutes later, a man found it and presented it to Mulla. Out of curiosity, another man asked Mulla, “What would you have done if we didn’t find the bag?” “I would have bought a new bag!” said Mulla, and he walked away. Meanwhile, the mayor was leaving for hunting and saw Mulla. He immediately shouted to his men, “Mulla brings bad luck on Tuesday. Tackle him, now!” The next day, the mayor saw Mulla and said, “Sorry about yesterday. I thought you brought bad luck.” “You bring bad luck!” Mulla shouted, “You saw me yesterday, and ended up having a great hunt. I saw you, and ended up getting beaten up!”

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