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One day, Mulla Nasruddin went to his merchant friend’s house. He informed the merchant that he and his wife were going to a far-off place. The road passed through a dangerous area inhabited by robbers. During those days, there was always a chance of getting robbed in rocky hills, deserts and jungles. As Mulla’s merchant friend always kept a sword, shield and a horse, Mulla requested, “Would you lend them for my travel?” “Look Mulla, these are very personal things. One can’t lend them to anyone like cooking pots. And why should you need a sword and a shield anyway?” asked the merchant. “My wife will be wearing precious jewellery. We can get robbed,” said Mulla. The merchant asked, “So, why should it worry me?” “It should worry you,” Mulla said. “Because my wife would be wearing the jewellery lent to her by your wife, you see.” The merchant was forced to lend his personal things to Mulla.

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