Peppin the Stinker

Peppin was a mouse. He stank all the time. “Stinker! Stinker!! Stinker!!!”
He was called all the time.

Peppin used to stink all the time because he was very dirty.

He wore dirty clothes and did not bathe every day.

His house was a complete mess because he never cleaned it.

When people used to see him coming, they used to say,

“Here comes Stinker! Run, run, run!”

Though Peppin felt sad yet he did not make any changes in his life.

He had only one friend. No one else wanted to be close to him as he smelled badly.

This friend was Squeezy. One day, Squeezy said to Peppin, “You should keep

yourself clean; otherwise, you will suffer in the future.”

But Peppin just shrugged his shoulders and kept quiet. Squeezy did not say anything more.

One day, Peppin was eating dinner when he saw some bugs on his plate.

Peppin did not bother and kept on eating. The next morning, Peppin fell sick.

When Squeezy came to visit him in the evening, he found the ailing Peppin.

Squeezy immediately called a doctor. The doctor was amazed to see the sad condition of the house.

He said to Peppin, “Your house is very unclean and so are you.”

The doctor continued, “If you want to get well, you will have to keep yourself and your house clean.”

Peppin nodded his head. Squeezy looked at Peppin and gave him a warm hug.

After a few days, Peppin got well. The first thing he did was to clean up his house.

Now, his house looked sparkling clean. Then, he washed all his dirty clothes and took a bath himself.

When Squeezy came to visit Peppin, he was happy to see the changes.

He said, “Well done, Peppin! I am proud of you!” Now, none called Peppin a ‘Stinker’ anymore.

Moral : Cleanliness in next to godliness.

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