Pepper Undergoes a Change

Pepper the goat was not so tall as the other goats. She always cribbed,
“I am short; I am short.”

Pepper was a pretty goat but she always complained, “I am short.”

This was, in fact, true. She was the shortest in her family.

But she never stopped complaining about it.

One day, her mother said, “Pepper, be happy with what God has given you.

Do not complain all the time.”

But Pepper never understood. She still kept complaining.

One day, Pepper went to the park to meet her friend. She sat down on the bench.

After some time, her friend, Buttony, came. She had brought someone with her.

Buttony said, “Hi Pepper! Let me introduce you to my cousin, Dora.”

Pepper and Dora said ‘Hi’ to each other. Pepper noted that

Dora walked with the help of crutches.

Pepper took an instant liking to Dora and both became good friends.

All three had a nice time chatting and playing in the park.

While they were chatting, Pepper, as usual, started cribbing about her height.

She complained, “Look Dora! I am so short. The other members of my family are taller than I.”

Dora replied, “Look at me, Pepper. I am lame. But still, I never complain.

You are far better off than I.”

She continued, “Why do you complain? At least you are not like me.

You should be happy with what you have.”

Pepper was quiet for a while. Then she replied, “You have opened my eyes, Dora. Thanks!”

Pepper thought, ‘I am so silly. Here is Dora who is lame; yet, she has no complaints.’

After that day, Pepper stopped cribbing. She became happy.

Her parents noticed this change in her and asked her the reason.

Pepper told them everything about Dora. Her parents were

happy that Pepper had finally stopped complaining.

Moral : Be happy with what God has given you.

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