Nutty and Birdie

Nutty was a furry squirrel. She grabbed nuts all the time.

Nutty loved to eat nuts all day. She used to live in a tree-hole.

In the same tree, there lived Birdie with her children.

Though they were neighbours yet they were enemies.

This was because Birdie used to steal Nutty’s nuts.

When Nutty came to know about it, there was a big fight.

From then on, they didn’t speak to each other. Days passed by.

One day, a big storm shook the entire forest. It rained and rained.

Several trees were uprooted. Many houses were destroyed.

But luckily, nothing happened to Nutty’s house.

After the storm was over, Nutty came out of her house. She saw many fallen trees.

Several animals were running here and there in search of shelter.

Their houses had been destroyed.

Suddenly, Nutty heard someone crying. To her surprise, it was none other than Birdie.

Nutty saw that her house had been destroyed. She and her children were shivering due to being wet.

Suddenly, Nutty recalled her father’s advice, “Help someone in need even if it is your enemy.”

So, Nutty went up to Birdie and said, “Hey Birdie,

you and your family can stay with me in my house.”

Birdie was surprised at this kind gesture of Nutty.

She said to Nutty, “You are very kind. I am sorry for the trouble I caused you before.”

She further told Nutty to forget the past. Nutty agreed immediately.

Both of them hugged each other and became good friends from then on.

There was love all around. They even started sharing their food.

Moral : Help others in times of need even if they are your enemies.

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