Narada Stirs Trouble

Narada, the mischievous celestial sage, had been watching the events at Vrindavan with interest for some time now. He was a trouble-maker, who would often spread stories and tell tall tales to create problems where there was none. ‘How I would love to tease Kansa with the latest exploits of Lord Krishna! If I do so, it will surely enrage evil Kansa and lead to some trouble,’ thought Narada, gleefully. “Alak Niranjan!” Narada called out his greeting as he reached Kansa’s palace. He then narrated Lord Krishna’s exploits before evil Kansa. “Narada, you have opened my eyes. Krishna and Balarama are more dangerous than I had thought. I must kill both of them before they become adults,” said Kansa. The evil demon-ruler started plotting how to kill Lord Krishna and Balarama. He knew that he must destroy them or lose his life. After so many warnings from all, Kansa’s nerves were frayed as he feared his end at the hands of Lord Krishna.

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