Mulla’s Son


Late one night, Mulla Nasruddin’s baby started crying. His wife said, “Go and take care of the baby. After all, he is not only mine; he is also half yours.” Mulla sleepily remarked, “You can go and stop your half from crying if you want but as for me, I will let my half cry.” His wife got up angrily, to pacify the child. As his son grew up, Mulla taught him life lessons. “Never give anybody anything immediately,” he said. “Wait until at least a couple of days have gone by.” “But why?” his son inquired. “People appreciate receiving something much more if they first have to doubt whether or not they will actually get it!” Mulla said. A friend who was listening asked Mulla’s son, “What is a dilettante?” The son replied, “A herb used for seasoning.” Delighted Mulla said, “What a fine boy I have! He is just like his father. He made up an answer all by himself!”

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