Mulla’s Sarcasm


One day, Mulla Nasruddin decided to wear elaborate Arabic clothing. When he came home, his wife noticed that the clothing had been torn to shreds. “Did you get beaten up?” she asked. “Yes,” Mulla replied. “But why?” she inquired, “People don’t beat up others for wearing an outfit like that.” “Well,” Mulla said, “Tell that to a group of Kurds who are looking for an Arab to beat up.” His wife was not surprised at this at all. That night, Mulla’s wife woke him up and said, “I hear a burglar in our house! Go and get him!” Mulla said, “We don’t have anything good for him to steal; and if we’re lucky, he might leave something for us.” “Don’t be foolish,” replied his wife, “That won’t happen!” Mulla said, “Maybe he’ll find something good to steal, and then I can steal it from him.” His wife couldn’t believe his ears and went out to deal with the burglar herself.

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