Mulla’s Oath


Mulla Nasruddin had travelled quite far from the group of people he had helped near the ditch. However, he constantly thought of their sad and helpless faces. It made Mulla’s heart fill with disgust and rage. He got off his donkey and walked by his side, kicking stones as if it were Jafar, the money-lender. “You cruel money-lender, Jafar! I’ll teach you a lesson for sure. You will have to pay for all the cruelties you have done to the innocent people,” he shouted. “And you, cruel Amir! You are the leader of these interest chargers. I will see you too,” he continued. “I’ll take revenge for all the misbehaviour you both have displayed so far. I hereby vow and promise to my last breath!” he determined. With these words, he kicked a rather large stone that lay on the road. With his oath, Mulla walked on to achieve his goal as soon as possible.

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