Mulla’s Grief


As Mulla Nasruddin and his wife sat in their yard one day, a strong sudden gust of wind blew a shirt from their roof clothesline right next to the wife’s foot. When Mulla started offering thanks to God, his wife asked, “Why are you thanking God?” “Because I was not in the shirt,” explained Mulla, making his wife laugh heartily. Unfortunately, his wife passed away a few days later. Mulla’s friends noticed that he didn’t seem to be very shaken up by her sudden death. However, after Mulla’s donkey had died the following week, he was quite inconsolable. His friends asked him why the death of his donkey seemed to upset him so much more than the death of his wife. “When my wife died, everyone consoled me and assured me they would find me another wife in no time at all. But when my donkey died, nobody offered to get me a new donkey!” explained Mulla.

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