Mulla’s Curse


Mulla Nasruddin had many enemies. One day, Mulla noticed one of them stealing his donkey, which was tied outside a store. Seconds later, Mulla caught the man in the act. “You scoundrel! By the grace of God, I put a curse on you that in one week, you will badly injure your leg,” he said. The man, quite distressed to hear the curse, began to worry that it might come true. As he walked away from Mulla, he was so full of anxiety and fear that he accidentally tripped on a rock. After falling, he grabbed his leg and exclaimed, “Oh, my leg! Mulla, you said it would be injured in seven days, and yet, here I am with a broken leg, just seconds after your curse.” “Then that was the result of someone else’s curse,” Mulla replied, “When my curse comes to fruition, you’ll have to crawl on your hands and knees.” Hearing this, some passers-by started laughing heartily.

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