Mulla, the Wizard


Mulla came to the spot where his house used to be in Bukhara. It was only a heap of stones and rubble as the Sultan’s men had pulled it down. But a fine Arabian horse was tied to a wooden pole, which still stood there. He sat down on a stone near the pole and remembered his fond childhood memories. Just then, a rich looking man came there. “What will you charge for this horse?” he asked. “Five hundred gold coins, I guess,” said Mulla. The man gave Mulla a heavy pouch and galloped away. ‘Was the money a gift from God to start a new life in Bukhara?’ thought Mulla. Just then, the real owner of the horse returned. “I am wizard Adodolla who had gone to Mesopotamia to learn black magic. This ruin was my home before. Your horse kicked me and I cursed it to become a donkey,” said Mulla. The owner disappeared in no time.

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