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Mulla Nasruddin’s new wife heard a loud noise. “What was that?” she cried. “My clothes fell down,” replied Mulla. “But how could your clothes make such a loud noise?” she asked. “Because I was in them,” replied Mulla, and he walked out of his house. That day, Mulla was scheduled to give a religious speech to an all-male audience, but had no particular topic in mind. He thought of one, and began preaching, “Gentleman, we must stop allowing our wives to wear make-up.” “But Mulla,” said one of the men, “your new wife always wears make-up!” “Yes, that’s true,” Mulla remarked, “And it looks great on her, doesn’t it?” “Also, your wife is always in the bazaar. Tell her that she should stop walking around without a burkha,” the man added. “You say she is always in the bazaar, which means she never comes home. If she ever does, I’ll be sure to tell her,” said Mulla, and he walked away.

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