Mulla Nasruddin’s Many Tales


Mulla Nasruddin reached the main market of the city and noticed that it was filled with people doing their businesses. The next day was a market day and the traders from Iran, India, Egypt, Bahrain and Arab were coming in. As the air was cool, people were gathering around warm stoves to keep away the cold. Mulla went into a guest-house and said, “I have half a Thanka. Will you allow my donkey and me to stay here?” The guest-house owner replied, “With that money, you can only sleep here but we won’t give you a blanket.” Mulla agreed and tied his donkey to a pole. Just as he was about to sleep, a group of traders came from Baghdad. One of them asked the other, “Now, tell me everything about Mulla Nasruddin.” “Mulla’s tales are so many that even if I go on for weeks, they won’t end,” said the other trader and he began telling an interesting tale of Mulla.

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