Mulla is Annoyed


One day, Mulla Nasruddin was riding a donkey. At the same time, he also carried a sack of oranges over his shoulder. His friend saw him and asked, “Why don’t you just attach the sack to the donkey?” Mulla replied, “My donkey already has to carry me. Do you think it would be fair to add the weight of these oranges?” Mulla’s friend giggled and thought of pulling his leg further. “I just saw some men delivering a huge tub of stew,” he said. “What’s it to me?” asked Mulla. “They were taking it to your house,” said the friend. “What’s it to you?” said Mulla, quite irritated by then. But his friend didn’t give up. “Can I have some of your thirty-year-old vinegar?” he said. “No!” said Mulla. “If I had given some vinegar to everyone who asked me for some, I would not have any thirty-year-old vinegar,” said Mulla, and he walked away.

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