Mulla at the Town Square


Mulla Nasruddin often sat at the town square in the evenings, talking to people. One day, the topic of conversation turned to how they had changed since they were younger. “Not only am I wiser now, I’m as strong as I was in my youth,” Mulla said, “I couldn’t lift a big rock outside my house when I was young, and I still can’t lift it now.” As the people were laughing at this, a man came up to Mulla. They began to discuss local gossip, personal issues and philosophy. After about twenty minutes, the man was about to leave. “Excuse me,” said Mulla, “Who are you?” “If you didn’t know who I was, why have you been talking to me?” asked the man. “I saw your clothes, beard and turban, and I mistook you for someone else,” said Mulla. “Who?” asked the man. “Me!” said Mulla and once again there was a roar of laughter among the people.

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